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Are the products stain / water resistant - how do we best care for them? The wood is hand-sanded to a smooth finish, but IT IS NOT STAIN OR WATER RESISTANT (unless a part of our coated range). This is because an untreated wood is porous and will absorb liquid.

Spilling liquids on an untreated surface will therefore stain the wood. If you do spill anything, wipe down with clean dry cloth as soon as possible to minimise staining. You could also give the area a very light sand in the direction of the grain, with a fine grit sandpaper like 240 grit. Using a thicker grit (180 or less) may make the surface rough.

If you want to treat your product with a varnish to give them a better layer of protection, please refer to the next question below for more information.

General tips:

Do not use / place the products outside in the elements, and protect from direct sunlight.

Do not place hot objects directly onto the surface on the plywood.

Do not use abrasive cloths, concentrated detergents or silicon based wood polishes.

Dust the surface weekly with a dry cloth or duster in the direction of the natural grain.

Do I need to varnish / treat the products?

 The products are hand-sanded to a very fine 240 grit, which should be smooth to the touch. They are not treated with any varnish or other sealants. Because it is heat-produced, this also means it does not need treating for insects.

You don’t need to treat or varnish the desks for aesthetic or durability reasons, but as stated above they will not be resistant to stains or liquids. If you want to add a layer of protection, you could consider giving the products 2-3 light coats of varnish:

The best product is probably a clear water-based polyurethane varnish which will bring out the grain but give more protection. Best to get a low sheen (satin) unless you want a gloss look. A couple of coats will help protect from stains like coffee cups, wine glasses, etc. These products are easily available in the varnish section of your local DIY store.

A quick tip - if you do apply varnish or another protection layer yourself, be very careful not to drip / allow any varnish in to the slots where the product fits together. This would be make it much harder to take apart and put back together.


Clear Coated and Painted Items - Florence Range and some desks

Our very low VOC levels, non-yellowing, clear water borne coating designed as a quality durable finish for timber substrates. The product is designed to act as a self-sealing finish to provide excellent UV Protection to minimise colour change or yellowing of solid timber or veneer substrates. It is NOT designed for direct exterior exposure.

The water based, stain resistant polyurethane finish. This allows the product to sustain spills that can easily be wiped off. NOTE: liquid spills that may cross over the tennon joins may cause the edges of the ply to swell.


Does the wood change colour over time?

(Un Coated) Birchwood ply is naturally very blond in colour. If you expose it to direct sunlight, the exposed parts will probably become slightly yellow / darker in colour, so we don’t recommend that. Over time, the wood may naturally darken very slightly.

How big / strong / heavy are the products?

See our Product Specification Page for more information.

The IsoKing products are very strong. We have tested the desks in the factory and know that they can support 200+kgs of weight. However, they are not deliberately designed to take this much weight and of course we do not advise that you place this much weight on them. The desks will very easily support the weight for which any work desk is purposed, including books, laptops, printers, etc. etc. You should avoid sitting on any desk, including the lap desks or monitor stands.

Are you going to keep selling the IsoKing products even when COVID-19 has gone away?




How much do the desks / products cost?

Pricing for each product is listed on the store pages. Prices are inclusive of GST

How much does shipping cost?

Our Shipping Rate are automatically calculated based on weight and shipping destination. These rates are provided at the checkout via our shipping partner Shippit.

Custom Orders that are over-sized (eg bigger than a standard desk) will cost more than this.

What forms of payment do you take?

We accept all major credit cards (VISA / MasterCard / AMEX) and PayPal via our secure store page.

We also accept AfterPay so you can pay for your order interest-free over four fortnights.

Are there any credit card fees added on at the checkout?

No, we do not charge fees on any credit card transaction.


Will I receive a confirmation email when I place an order?

Yes, you should receive an automated email with an order number when you complete your order on our store page.

If you think you have completed an order but not received this confirmation email, first check your junk mail folder. If it is not there either, send us an email or call us and we will check we have the correct details for you, then we can re-send the confirmation email to you.

Will I receive another notification when my order is dispatched?

If you are in a non-metro area, you should receive an email / text notification when your order is dispatched from our warehouse with the courier and it’s started its journey to you.

Who do I contact if I have given entered the wrong or incorrect contact / delivery address details?

Email and we can sort that out for you.


Can you deliver anywhere in Australia?

Yes. We work with multiple couriers to ensure we can deliver to every little corner of the country!

Can you deliver overseas?


We can now deliver to New Zealand, and we are working on delivering to Singapore also very soon.

We are also working around international shipping costs and customs challenges to be able to ship internationally very soon.

Email with your location and we will keep you updated!

My postal address does not seem to work / be recognised when I try to add it in?


We cannot deliver to PO Box addresses, and the system is sensitive to putting in unit numbers, as well as the correct suburb name to match your postcode. If you think it is all correct and you’re still not getting anywhere, give us a shout at or give us a call.

How long will it take to get my order?


This is a combination of us making it (quick) and couriers delivering it (slower). See below answers for more info…

How quickly do you make my product after I order?

Your order is generally packed and ready to be dispatched from our warehouse within three to five working days of you placing the order.

Some things that slow us down from that pace, for example if it is a custom order, or if we have a sale, which tends to significantly increase the quantity of orders placed and therefore production time.

How long will it take my order to arrive once it has left your warehouse?

The million-dollar question! This mainly depends on where you are. Most of our orders are delivered to you within a week of them leaving the warehouse (but not necessarily within a week of you ordering them!).

Do I need to be at home to receive my order?


No. Drivers are always asked to call you if they have any trouble delivering your package.

Unfortunately, with third-party couriers we cannot always guarantee that they will do this. You can make a note of any particular delivery instructions when you place your order. We will pass this information on to couriers, but again we unfortunately cannot guarantee 100% that they will follow the instructions.

Please note that due to COVID safety measures, most courier companies have decided that they will automatically leave items even if you / we have specified them not to do so. Please contact us at if you think this may be a problem for you.

If you think your order has had a failed delivery, please contact us for help.



What wood do you use?

Most of the products in the IsoKing range use 12mm thick high quality birch plywood. Some larger products like the cat tower, and studio desk use a thicker 18mm birchwood ply. We also use marine grade ply for a couple of products for outside use such as the scooter rack.

Why do you use birch plywood instead of other woods?

Birch ply is the standard wood used for many beautiful furniture items, including many childrens toys. It is also regularly used for playground fixtures, sports and musical equipment and skateboards. Apart from its aesthetic appeal, birch ply is also highly durable, very strong relative to its weight and density, and splinter-resistant over the long-term. It is manufactured by heat-sealing several layers of wood veneer using resin, which also increases the product strength.

Where does the wood originate from? Is it sustainably and responsibly grown?

Birch is an abundant, fast-growing wood, and is environmentally sustainable. It is historically native to Northern Europe. A lot of the wood that we use originates from the Russian timber mill of Syktyvkar Plywood Mill, in the Republic of Komi. Syktyvkar is one of the leading global suppliers of high quality birchwood ply. They confirm to all ISO international regulations, European Standards and the wood also complies with the relevant Australian & NZ standards. The birch is grown in an FSC-certified forest, and they are also certified with the Rainforest Alliance.

Are all your products designed / sourced / manufactured in Australia?

Yes. As you can see from the question above, the trees grow in Northern Europe, and are imported into Australia as ready-made plywood. We buy all our plywood from reputable timber merchants in Australia. We design everything in house and make 100% of the finished product in-house with our talented team of hard-working Aussies! That includes the design, CNC cuts, testing, sanding, wrapping, packing and dispatch. The only things we do not do ourselves is grow the trees and make it into plywood.

I can smell some sort of gas from my new desk. Is that normal / safe?

We only get asked this question about once in every 5,000 orders, but a very few number of customers report a very slight gassy smell from their new products. This smell comes from the release of negligible quantities of gases that were used when the plywood was originally resin-sealed together in layers. This is called off-gassing, but it is nothing to worry about because the amounts of the gas released - even though you might be able to smell them - are a long way inside the safe levels controlled by Australian & NZ standards.

If you want to read more for interest or peace of mind. This Aussie article about it does a good job of explaining why, due to the strict regulations in place:

Can you tell me more about the environmental sustainability of your products and how you minimise wastage?

During manufacture, we always try to minimise wastage by carefully designing our shapes to best fit the sheets of wood.

As far as possible, we use the offcuts to make the monitor / laptop stands and other smaller products.

Unfortunately, it is never possible to use 100% of the wood, so we also engage a local company Borgs to take our unusable offcuts to recycle for local use.

We also work with local waste experts Clean Vibes to actively minimise landfill of our wooden offcuts. As of 01 September 2020, we have been able to divert 98.21% of our waste from going to landfill.


I heard you are donating money from IsoKing sales to charity?

Yes. We are donating money from every desk order to Support Act, which supports those in the entertainment industry who are impacted by COVID-19. It makes us very proud to say that we have already donated nearly $90,000 to Support Act from IsoKing sales. We have also donated 50 Puzzle Boards to Aged Care Home facilities around the country, donated $5,000 to the Smith Family Christmas Appeal as well as helping out lots of non-for-profits and those in need.