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You Dream It

Whether your concept is just sketched on the back of an envelope or already drawn as a 3D render, our design & drafting team can help finesse and finalise ready for fabrication.

We Make It

We work closely with you through prototyping and fabrication to ensure the final product is delivered on time, on budget, and above expectation.


Working closely with our client Red Havas, the brief was to custom design and manufacture flat-packed cocktail bars to accompany the new "Batch & Bottles" pre-mixed cocktails. Made from the same high quality and sustainable 18mm birchwood ply that IsoKing has become famous for, the Batch & Bottle flat-pack cocktail bar is super easy to assemble and slot together in a couple of minutes. 


Stagekings worked in collaboration with Brad Crewe Creative to create the fabrication concept for the JLL Lendlease Christmas ‘Give Back and Give Thanks’ campaign. The overall concept brief was that the design had to be sustainable, use recyclable materials, reflect Christmas without being too traditional, be interactive and a good photo opportunity, and able to be ‘flat-packed’ for easy year on year storage