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The outrageously awesome benefits of buying Aussie-made furniture

The outrageously awesome benefits of buying Aussie-made furniture

Here at IsoKing we pride ourselves on doing everything in-house. There’s none of that sourcing it from some subpar manufacturer and passing it off as our own: we are proud furniture designers and manufacturers, with a super fresh team of creative and carpentry legends. 

Our elegant collection of desks, sofas, beds, coffee tables, bookcases and even cocktail bars are made right here at the IsoKing factory, with our awesome team working in unison to produce new, fresh and exciting pieces on the reg. 



So, this got us thinking, why is it important to buy local, sustainable Aussie furniture? 

Well, there are a good heap of reasons - check ‘em out below the next time you consider picking up a cheeky new king size bed, bookcase or vinyl rack:


  1. Your supporting Aussie industry


If the pandemic has taught us one thing: it’s important to shop local. So many Aussie labels did it tough during the pandemic, with many labels falling victim to this shocking time in human history. 

Thousands of Aussie companies continue to suffer the adverse effects the pandemic had on our industries, and this is why it’s crucial to continue to buy local. It doesn’t matter if we're talking about clothing, food or high quality homewares (don’t mind the brazen plug), there has never been a more important time to support the Aussie economy, our industries and the legends that have worked hard throughout the pandemic just to keep their businesses alive.


  1. It’s better for the environment


There are many reasons why importing furniture from overseas - or buying it from a faceless company who does the same - is bad for the environment. Much of the materials used to produce furniture in different parts of the world is not sustainable, as well as being quite cheap, making it bad for local resources. 

Furthermore, importing products from overseas uses jet fuel that, if people were to buy locally instead, would be greatly reduced. If your New Year’s resolution is to make that epic green switch (especially as we continue to see the government fail on the issue), then a great way to start is through buying sustainable products. 

All of IsoKing’s products are made from sustainably-sourced birch wood, ensuring that we provide a greener option to those poorly-produced and unethically-sourced pieces that come from who knows where?


  1. You can trust its quality

 Another thing that truly sucks about that cheap imported furniture (we’re really getting on a roll here) is its quality. You know it’s crap, we know it’s crap - you don’t need it!

 We’ve all had poorly produced furniture at some stage of our existence, and we swiftly didn’t have it long after buying it. We crashed through it; it collapsed on itself; it fell over and put you in a position of mortal danger the likes of which you promised never to put yourself in again. 

 Well, be sure that you don’t put yourself in that danger again. You can trust that with top quality, Aussie-made furniture that you will be buying a product that is made to last as well as provide you with optimal comfort.


  1. Your support creativity

 Smaller, artisanal businesses thrive in producing things that are new, unique and exciting. Take IsoKing, for example. We pride ourselves on our ability to keep producing elegant styles the likes of which our customers haven’t seen before. 

IsoKing comprises a team who largely previously worked in the arts and music industries, with stage design being our key focus. Today, we take our skills that we learned in stage design and our other endeavours and put them into designing some of the most stylish furniture and home decor available in the Southern Hemisphere. 

All you have to do is check out our fabulous range and you will see for yourself: we love getting creative in the studio and producing something for everyone.



  1. It’s an investment in longevity

 Aussie-made furniture is typically produced from high quality materials (like our sustainably-sourced birdwood). Therefore, you can trust that these materials won’t suddenly start to wear down out of nowhere - they are designed to last. 

We want you to be happy with your IsoKing purchase for years to come; to say down the line that this is your IsoKing something or other and it was one of the best purchases you ever made - you will find that through the longevity of our products.


Check out our range here 

Okay, massive plug over! Now that you know that buying local, artisanal Aussie furniture and homewares is absolutely the way to go, be sure to check out the awesome product range at our website. 

You will find everything aforementioned in this piece as well as a few other nifty pieces and goodies, with one percent of our sales going to the wonderful Support Act - a charity dedicated to helping Aussie artists through difficult times (like, you know, pandemics!).

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