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Top Home Décor Ideas For 2022

Top Home Décor Ideas For 2022

New year, same decor. How drab. Spicing up your life starts at home: it’s here that we conjure with grand visions of exciting adventures, hobbies, overseas jaunts and whirlwind romances, and the Lord knows we need at least one of these things after the two years (and counting) we’ve had Down Under. 

Given that the home should be a source of life-inspo, it’s only fitting that its style should give you the inspo to get you off your a**e and do the things you missed out on in this disastrously ridiculous period of humanity. 

And we here at IsoKing believe that can’t occur when you're stuck in the same drab past. So, we decided to take a look at some of the top home decor ideas for 2022, in the hope it will give you an idea or two for shaking up your home’s steez and invigorating the love of the new!



  1. Sustainable furniture 

Ay yay yay, if there is one thing we have learnt here in Oz, it’s that we simply cannot rely on the powers that be to give a flying eff about our environment. Sure, it’s bloody annoying to think that the onus falls entirely onto us plebs when there is so much continued environmental degradation, but just because they don’t care it doesn't mean that we shouldn’t!
Australia’s homeowners, renters, professional leeches and squatters have all taken notice: it’s time to make the switch to sustainable furniture. Seriously, why pick up some mass-produced home decor from a brand with a questionable environmental record when you could pick up high quality, sustainable furniture from a company that has a true passion for ensuring top of the line pieces without the destruction of our country’s dwindling natural resources?


  1. Bringing nature into the home 

Along with baking sourdough and discovering a previously unknown love for near-daily alcohol consumption, one of the things that lockdowners across the country (though most in Melbourne and Sydney, tbf) got into was decorating the home with lush, vibrant plants. 

Perhaps it was the fact we couldn’t get out to the Blue Mountains or the Dandenongs to stand atop its soaring peaks, or perhaps we just needed something living to provide care for when we literally weren’t allowed to see our loved ones, but we got around tending to houseplants like the PM gets around a day at the cricket when the country is in peril. 

The love has continued into the new year, and is part of a growing trend of bringing our denied love of nature into the home. And it doesn’t stop at houseplants: people are looking at ways of bringing more natural light into the home, greater air ventilation, rustic, earthy home furniture and just an overall sense of a connection to nature within the home.


  1. Bringing back that 70s vibe 

Anyone here seen Licorice Pizza? That film had a good vibe, and given it was set at a time that appeared to be (and by all accounts from older people I know) far more carefree than the endless sh*tstorm surrounding our current generation, it only makes sense that homeowners are trying to bring back a sense of 60s and 70s nostalgia into their homes. 

Think the bold colours and patterns you’d only find today in a rundown beach house somewhere outside your state capital. 70s-inspired home decor is becoming insanely popular once again, with mid-century furniture, kitchy accessories and shaggy rugs giving Aussie homes a little oddball charm for these strange times.


  1. Mindful spaces 

The last two years have sucked, seriously, but if there’s one thing we have realised is that we can use our home space for our hobbies, too. We don’t have to be sipping champagne with the girls in a Surry Hills art store whilst painting our questionable rendition of Starry Night and we don’t have to be at that trendy Collingwood yoga studio to stretch out our psoas and have a good cry. 

Instead, we have realised that home space is of the essence and, as such, we can turn what little space we have remaining into a place of mindfulness and doing things that are good for the soul. 

Whether you’ve created your own home yoga studio, painting studio or makeshift music studio complete with compact mic and Ableton free trial mode, we’ve realised there is a lot we can do in our very own home, and this is a nice little testament to the resilience of humanity, really.

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