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Top 4 awesome benefits of a standing desk

Top 4 awesome benefits of a standing desk

Standing desks: we’ve all seen them, we’ve all considered buying them and we’ve all been told exactly how good they are from some condescending colleague. Yes, while Dave from Account Management may seem like some kind of upright oaf, ready to look down upon you and tell you how his standing desk is doing all kinds of wonders for his general existence, he is not actually wrong… 

Here are four awesome benefits standing desks (and why you should join us in our courageous fight for better workplace posture).


  1. The more you stand the fitter you are! 

Sitting down all day long increases your risk of obesity. After all, this is just one of the reasons why your workplace recommends you get up and do a bit of walking/stretching for a few minutes every hour (well, at least they are supposed to!). 

Conversely, standing whilst working has been shown to burn 170 more calories than its sedentary counterpart. If you’ve ever worried that office livin’ has stacked on those unwanted kilos, perhaps it’s time to consider the standing work game.


  1. Standing desks can reduce back pain

 Are you one of those people that simply never considered proper posture? Do you slump over your desk, face-in-screen when working or, instead, slouch back like you’re dozing off on the couch after a long day’s slouching in the office? 

Poor posture can cause all kinds of health problems (spinal problems, joint degeneration, rounded shoulders etc.), but one of the main concerns of poor posture is back pain. Studies on employees using standing desks found that they had a 32% improvement on back pain after a few weeks using them.   


  1. They can make you feel a little more stoked

If you, like thousands of other Australian office workers, find yourself crabby or irritable at any time of the working day, perhaps it is time to consider the standing desk? 

But why, you ask? What could a standing possibly have to do with my mood, overall wellbeing and occasional workplace irritability? Well, standing desks appear to have an influence on our overall health and wellbeing. Naturally, when your health and wellbeing are up, so is your mood, so that’s a bonus.


One seven week study found that participants utilising the faithful standing desk suffered from less fatigue and stress than their sedentary work mates, while a whopping 87% of participants experienced less fatigue throughout the day.

  1. Standing desks can make you more productive 

Looking to take your career to the next level but finding yourself in a *literal* slump? Take a stand against sluggishness and underperformance by picking yourself up the 21st century go-getter’s equivalent to the 20th century sloth’s Lazy Susan (sorry Susan). 

A study on 60 young professionals found that using a standing desk for four hours a day had no recogniseable impact on their ability to type at the same performance rate as previous times. Given that standing desks appear to improve your mood while reducing fatigue, it can only be assumed that they will help boost your overall performance, thus making you a workplace superstar, right?



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