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Gettin’ up with the get down: why a sit-stand ratio is the way to work

Gettin’ up with the get down: why a sit-stand ratio is the way to work

You’ve all been hearing about the benefits of standing desks for some time now: improved posture, potential weight loss, higher blood circulation - the whole shabang! 

But another recent office trend is taking the working from home game by storm: the sit-stand desk. 

Why? Because it’s healthy to have an awesome balance between sitting and standing in life and the workplace. Given that many of us spend over eight hours a day staring at screens, making business calls, online shopping (not whilst working, we swear!), it’s important to ensure you are able to move around and give your body that much-needed circulation boost it needs to maintain an optimal level of health. 

Here are some reasons why the middle ground between a seated desk sitch and a standing-desk system is a great option for health-conscious pros.


  1. It can reduce the risk of obesity 

Standing throughout the day burns up to 50 more calories than its seated counterpart. However, people often struggle to stand all day, and it only takes a few minutes for people to commence the old awkward, uncomfortable standing lean. Not only is this bad for productivity, but it can also be incredibly uncomfortable for your ankles, so this might be the time to have a good sit! 

The sit-stand desk situation is a great option for maintaining the balance between weight-conscious standing and comfort-conscious sitting.


  1. It can be beneficial for heart health 

Experts believe that people who sit for extended periods of time have a 147 per cent higher risk of heart disease. These are not numbers I, your faithful writer, enjoy reading, given I spent much of my day plumb on my you-know-what. I try to get up as much as possible, but deep down I know it’s time to invest in a more viable, health-conscious option, something like oh, you know - a sit-stand desk! 

These handy solutions help keep you moving when you would otherwise be inactive and, if you ever so need to take that all-important rest on your backside, there is nothing, or no one, who can stop you! 

I’m aware my heart will thank me for it, so, like me, perhaps it’s time to start considering what appendages we have at our disposal to do our cardiovascular health a service when working at the desk (or, *cough*, on the couch, in bed etc…). 


  1. Do your back, neck & shoulders a favour! 

In this fast-paced, go-getting, spinning round modern business arena, we often forget to take care of our health. One of the main things office workers overlook is their back, neck and shoulders. Considering these bodily areas are so vital to our overall function, why on Earth would we want to put them at risk through poor work posture? 

Many people who work in offices end up with back, neck and shoulder problems, and the reason is obvious: they spend so much time hunching over their desks and forgetting to maintain correct posture! 

However, much of this has to do with the simple fact that they spend most of the day glued to a desk chair without thinking of the importance of standing up. One of the best ways to alleviate these problems is to invest in a sturdy sit-stand desk system that can support you on your journey to getting more posture-centric work into your day but will also allow you to rest when you start to feel that uncomfortable lean come into action.


We have the solution for you… 

Okay, now the plug: yes, IsoKing makes the sit-stand desk of your dreams (we said - your dreams!). Our incredible new laptop ladder is designed to provide you the best of both worlds: sitting in cosy comfort when you need it and slugging it out on your feet, enjoying all those wonderful health benefits when you also need them, too. 


sit stand desk for laptop


Our stunning laptop ladders allow you to pop the laptop itself up high and pop your Bluetooth keyboard at comfortable typing height when you want to stand and then just lower it down a level when you want to sit. 

It’s simple, but inspired, and can do wonders for your health and wellbeing.

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