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Why you can’t put a price on a cosy sofa

Why you can’t put a price on a cosy sofa

Have you ever sat on a shoddy sofa? I mean, one of those real, something-sticking-through-the-upholstery, messing up your bum and your back type deals? 

Of course you have, and you know it’s not something you should have to put up with every time you sit down. After all, not only is sitting on an uncomfortable sofa a really frustrating, downright unpleasant experience, but it is also bad for the body, and if you subject yourself to the pitfalls of the shoddy sofa too much you might just find your back rejecting said sofa the way you should have years ago! 

Sure, you may have picked it up from an antique market outside of Sydney and had it specially delivered to your home, but what good is that when you feel like you’re experiencing a slipped disc every time you get on the bloody thing? 

If you’ve decided it’s time to get rid of that stylish, yet disastrously uncomfortable sofa, here’s why you should always go for something incredibly comfortable regardless of the price.


girl relaxing on new sofa


  1. Comfortable sofas are good for your posture 

Uncomfortable chairs, chaise lounges, computer chairs, stools and, naturally, sofas, are bad for your posture. If you repeatedly find yourself succumbing to discomfort on the sofa you are inhabiting, chances are you will routinely change your position to accommodate for the fact it feels like a wooden beam is riding up your you-know-what. 

But this doesn’t mean your newfound posi will be good for your posture - quite the opposite, infact. You have to be able to comfortably relax your muscles when sitting, and if you find yourself in a position where you are tense, tight and troubled by the way your muscles are cramping when on that sofa - it’s time for it to go, my friend.


  1. A comfy sit increases blood flow 

Healthy blood circulation is never something that should be underestimated. The provision of blood and oxygen flowing naturally throughout the body allows each and every organ in your body to operate at full capacity. 

But, but but but, if you regularly find yourself with a feeling of heavy legs and feet when you’re “chilling” on your sofa, you have found yourself in a position that needs urgent rectification. 

This is because your blood circulation is not running at optimal levels and this, in turn, is bad for your overall health. Yes, it might sound silly to think that something so seemingly innocuous as you sit when you’re watching Squid Game could have an adverse effect on your general health but it is absolutely true

Not trying to be your mum, and not trying to be condescending, but it’s just the way it is - keep that blood flowin’ with high quality, super cosy couches!


  1. It’s just simply better to be comfy 

Unless you’re some kind of sadomasochist who gets a thrill out of sitting on a painful sofa (no judgements if you are) then you will probably agree that it’s simply better being coooosy. 

Think about it, when you come home from a long day at work and all you want to do is absolutely chill out, chuck the cricket on or have a little Netflix sesh with your favourite schnacks, the last thing you want to do is sit, or worse, lie down on something dreadfully uncomfortable. 

In fact, the Danish even have a word for finding pleasure in such comfort: “hygge”, and we here at IsoKing are all about finding hygge in everyday life just like those cosy Danes. 

This is why when you come to IsoKing you will find a gorgeous collection of unbelievably comfy couches that are designed for those days and nights when there is nothing better than that wonderful, soul-nourishing feeling of unbridled comfort. 

You will find stunning new sofas online, couches and ottomans part of our elegant and luxurious collection, and then go on to find that we are serious when it comes to making all things cosy - our sofas are just made for optimal comfort! 

Check out the range here at our online store and find your sense of hygge with IsoKing.

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